Make your house a home with one of our luxurious and quality carpets to suit any lifestyle or budget.

The warm, tactile surface is a great choice from bedrooms to living rooms, giving your family soft and comfortable flooring for work, rest and play. It’s insulating properties mean that it is effective at reducing heat loss in the home, and absorbs more sound than other types of floor coverings.

Our amazing value, competitive prices and our extensive range of styles, designs and colours mean that we can supply the perfect carpet for your home.

We pride ourselves on our customer care, and with free home consultations and full fitting services available we’re here to help and advise from start to finish.


A perfect mix of comfort and durability, twist carpets have a great look and a cozy feel. They are comprised of twisted yarns cut to length, giving an attractive and springy textured surface. Twist carpets can be made from both natural and man-made fibres, and are extremely hardwearing – a perfect combination of functionality and comfort.

PLAIN TWIST – Use just one colour yarn to give a solid colour with a big impact

HEATHER TWIST – These carpets give a multi-tonal effect by combining different shades of similar colours to give subtle and soft appearance.

SAXONY – Saxony carpets have a plush and luxurious feel due to the longer fibres and deeper pile. Choose a Saxony carpet for superior style and comfort.



Made with twisted and looped yarns, loop pile carpets are known for their comfort and durability. Hard-wearing and long-lasting, they are ideal for areas of heavy use. They are low maintenance and due to the nature of their structure, give a chunky and stylish texture.

Available in a range of patterns, colours and styles – flat or textured, we can offer varieties to suit all tastes.

Loop pile carpets offer outstanding value and are suitable for all areas of your home, making it the ideal choice for busy modern families.

Not suitable for homes with cats and dogs, as claws can become caught.

BERBER – Berber carpets are available in a selection of stylish and contemporary patterns and textures. Traditionally hand-spun with natural fibres, their rugged, short-cut looped pile give a dense, textured weave. Their two-tone neautral shades in muted tones offer an elegent feel and complement any room.

Renowned for being low-maintenance easy to clean, berber carpets have a well deserved reputation for high-end feel at a great price.